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In INDIGO car parks, we offer you a wide range of subscriptions, designed to meet your parking expectations, whether for daily, professional or residential use.

A specific offer

Indigo Neo subscriptions offer an ideal solution in urban areas to meet your parking needs thanks to our wide choice of INDIGO car parks in Europe. By choosing our subscriptions, you will benefit from a rate adapted to your needs, in a covered car park.

Subscribing to an INDIGO car park means offering a reassuring environment for your car, in quality car parks. Choosing Indigo Neo subscriptions is choosing simplicity, ease and flexibility. Manage your subscription remotely with your phone or computer, get in your car park effortlessly with license plate reading or badge, get in or out whenever you want and enjoy unlimited parking in your chosen car park.

Want to subscribe? It’s very easy!


I choose my car park

Choose the offer that suits you, in the car park of your choice with the Indigo Neo website or app.

I select a payment method

Choose a contract period, then select the desired payment method (credit card, direct debit) and subscribe!

I take advantage of my subscription

Wait to receive your access badge or start using your subscription right away with plate reading in our connected INDIGO car parks.
Find a subscription

Subscription for cars: why choose Indigo Neo?

At indigo Neo, we believe that choosing the right parking subscription for your vehicle is important. Here are a few reasons why our customers opt for subscription offers:

Car parks throughout France and Europe

Subscriptions for INDIGO car parks are available in numerous cities in France, Spain, Belgium, Luxemburg and Switzerland. INDIGO: the largest choice of car parks in Europe!

Protection against the weather

Our car parks provide protection from the elements. Vehicles can be damaged by rain, snow, ice and even UV rays. By parking inside, you reduce the risk of damage caused by the weather. Reduce the risk of material damage, for example from traffic impacts or contacts with the outside environment.

Comfort and convenience

Parking your vehicle inside is also more convenient and comfortable. You will not have to look for a parking space outside, and you will not have to walk far to get to your destination. In addition, by choosing a covered car park, you will avoid traffic and traffic risks, such as car accidents.

Reduced costs

In many cases, underground car parks offer lower parking rates than outdoor parking, especially in densely populated urban areas. Although this may vary depending on your location, it is worth comparing rates to see if you can save money by choosing an INDIGO car park.
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