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Pay and manage your parking sessions in real time.

on street
Pay for your parking session remotely

In some cities, you can use Indigo Neo to pay for your on-street parking. Simply activate geolocation to validate the location of your vehicle parked in the street.

You can extend or stop your parking session remotely, directly from your smartphone. You will pay only for the time you actually spent.

Indigo Neo is directly integrated with the supervising control system. Thanks to the license plate registered in your account, they will be able to check in real time whether a parking session has been launched in the app.

Take your on-street parking rights

Indigo facilitates your formalities to obtain your on-street parking rights in compatible cities. This will allow you to access the special rates on Indigo Neo.

For other cities, go to your city's website.

See the General Terms of Sale


Activate contactless parking.

on demand
Enable On-demand access

By enabling this feature, you can enter and exit connected car parks without taking a ticket thanks to license plate recognition.

Whether entering or exiting the car park, the gate will open automatically.

No need to keep your parking ticket anymore

No more going to the ticket payment machine, payment is made automatically with your Indigo Neo account. You will receive your invoice directly by email at the end of your parking session.

exemple facture
See the General Terms of Sale


One duration, one price.

daily calendar
Day Pass

If you need a car park just for one day, we have created a daily parking package with 30% discount on the on-site public hourly prices.

weekly calendar
Week Pass

We have also created a one-week package. Park for 7 days at a fixed price in the car park of your choice, prices starting from 25€.

evening calendar
Evening Pass

Going to the restaurant, a cinema or a show? Choose the Evening Pass and park all night at a great price.

weekend calendar
Weekend Pass

If you plan to leave on a weekend, leave your car in the car park and park for 3 days at a fixed price, for example near train stations.

See the General Terms of Sale


Up to -30% by booking your parking session in advance.

Book with a few clicks

With Indigo Neo, you can also book in advance in car parks. By pre-paying the duration of your parking, you benefit from a discount of up to -30% compared to the hourly rate applied in the car park. No need to take a ticket at the entrance of the car park , the gates will open thanks to license plate recognition and you will receive your invoice by email at the end of your parking session.

See the General Terms of Sale


Unlimited parking in the car park of your choice.

subscription calendar
24/7 subscription

With this subscription, you can park in the car park of your choice without time limit or time restriction.

subscription calendar
Office Hours subscription

Ideal for working people, the Office Hours subscription allows you to park your car all day, during office hours.

subscription calendar
Night & Weekend subscription

If you want to have your car sleep in an underground car park rather than on the street when you don't use it, this subscription is for you.

subscription available soon
Resident subscription

In some cities, you may benefit from a special rate for residents, subject to validation of supporting documents.

See the General Terms of Sale

The most frequently
asked questions

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What happens if I arrive early or leave the car park after my booking is finished?

Do not worry, we know that traffic in urban areas can be eventful.
You can therefore arrive at any time before your booking and stay after the end of it without being blocked. However, any additional time you spend before or after the reserved period will be charged to you at the current public rate and will be added to your original bill.
The booking does not adapt according to your arrival and departure times, there is no possible refund of an unused part of the pre-paid booking.
This is a pre-payment for a defined time range on a defined date. You are entitled to the discount offered for the entire time range, defined by the start and end times chosen in your original booking.

I left the car park but my session is still in progress, what should I do?

Click on the "Create a request" button at the bottom of the page, then select the screen: "I have a question regarding..." \"a booking"\ "I left the car park but my session is still in progress".
Log in with your Indigo Neo profile, fill in your license plate and the dates / times / car park involved, then send us the email.

Please note that this only applies to hourly sessions started with On-demand access or for overtime before or after a booking.

I made a booking for a vehicle, and I will finally park with another vehicle, is it possible?

A booking is linked to the license plate of the vehicle it is associated with.
If you have made a booking for vehicle A and you finally want to park with vehicle B, you must cancel your booking (up to one hour before your booking start time) and hen take a new one with the license plate of the vehicle you are going to use for the booking.

Can I use Indigo Neo with a rental car?

Of course! Just add the license plate to your customer account, but make sure to add a rental end date for this vehicle.
To do this, go to "My Account" then "My vehicles", you can edit an existing vehicle or add a new one. On the page of the relevant vehicle, use "Rental or for sale vehicle" and then indicate the date and time of the end of the rental or the date of sale. The vehicle will be automatically deleted from your account on this date.

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